Past Eras Awaken, Volume 3

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Volume III leads the reader into two great epochs in human history: the struggle for recognition and truth in Ancient Egypt and the fulfillment from out of the Light through Jesus the Son of God. The Reader learns the significance of the fall of the Archangel Lucifer, and how he brought affliction and misery upon mankind, who allowed themselves to be lead by him. Further writing: Nemare, son of the prince and later Pharaoh in Egypt, strives for Light and Truth in order to be a real sovereign to his people and guide them to the true recognition of God. The Darkness triumphs before he has fulfilled his task. With the Pharaoh Amenophis, good once more prevails. In El Amarna he and his daughter Nefertiti build the Temple to the Glory of the Creator. Egypt blossoms in the new belief in the One God. With their power relegated to the background, the priests plot destruction, which is unleashed by Tut-ench-amon. The volume ends with the account of unknown events in the life of the Son of God. Jesus recognises His task and mission. He begins to teach and finds the disciples and helpers for His work. This followed by the life and activity of the Apostles of the Son of God.


This book is part of the book-series “Forerunners”, in which are shown the direct helps and the spiritual guidance from the Light that have been given to mankind in the course of their history.

The book “Buddha” portrays the life and work of the Prophet from the spiritual point of view.

The content of the book is no historical account in the ordinary sense. The proximity of Abd-ru-shin enabled some human beings who were open for it to have a comprehensive view of what took place at that time, and to make it visible to posterity with this record.

For the understanding of the reader, let the following be stated :

Reception of events in times gone by did not come about through the transcription of inspired words. The happening was revealed to the seeing one in pictures, which he rendered with his own power of expression and according to his understanding. In the process, the pictures appeared before his inner eye and not before his grossmaterial earthly one; the depicted the unrolling of finer material substances. They reader of the Work “In the Light of Truth” by Abd-ru-shin will be familiar with these different planes, of which our Creation is composed.

For this reason, events described in this book do not render only earthly happenings throughout. Also the beings who appear in these events, be they of human or other nature, may display forms of a different material plane in this connection.

It was reserved to the seeing one to clothe the pictures in his words.

May the “Forerunners” help the reader to recognise that mankind have been granted help from the Light at all times, to enable them to find the path to the Truth.

With regard to this, Abd-ru-shin writes:

“If in the course of thousands of years men had not always  acted as they still do  today,  if they had not time and again distorted everything that was intended to help them, in order to adapt it to their human way of thinking and their earthly desires, there would now be only  one uniform  teaching here on earth, issuing from the Will of God. There would not be so many kinds of denominations.

“All the teachings that have come to earth in the past would,  united,  form  a single flight of steps  to the pedestal on which the Truth is to stand, as it has so often been proclaimed to mankind in various promises.”

“There would be no differences in the interpretations, much less differences in the teachings themselves!

“For all teachings were at one time willed by God, precisely adapted to the individual peoples and countries, and formed in complete accord with their actual spiritual maturity and receptivity.”

“....The bringers of all the individual teachings were Forerunners of the Word of Truth Itself.”

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